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200 Degrees have been doing coffee since 2012. They are a specialist coffee roasters, proprietors of distinctive coffee shops and unashamedly proud to be coffee geeks. Their roasters work at around 200° centigrade, giving their beans a smooth taste, less bitterness and also providing a very simple name for the company.  

200 Degrees put a lot of effort into creating what they feel is the perfect cup and source green beans from Rainforest Alliance Certified farms before roasting and blending by hand then delivering very fresh coffee to their customers every day.

Their signature espresso, Brazilian Love Affair, is joined by several single origins, Mellowship Slinky Decaf, Cold Brew and a rather tastefully canned Nitro.

The first flagship coffee shop opened in central Nottingham in October 2014 and they soon added a second near Nottingham station. They now have 200 Degrees Coffee Shops in Leicester, Leeds, Birmingham, Cardiff, Sheffield and Lincoln.

200 Degrees place themselves firmly on the side of speciality roasters and independent coffee shops. Their venues are quite big for an independent and they've gone out of their way to make them as welcoming as possible. Their food is prepared from fresh everyday in each shop. The seats are comfy, the WiFi works and the staff are trained to the highest level and very happy to chat to customers about which coffee to choose and why.

They also have four purpose built barista schools that double as unique and interesting meeting rooms. In these, they run a range of barista courses covering everything from home brewing methods right through to how to operate a professional espresso machine and advanced latte art. It’s an informal and informative way to learn how to make a great coffee at home, at work or in your own business with your 200 Degrees Coffee beans or grinds.

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