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Changamiri Coffee House is an independent coffee shop in Coventry City Arcade. They are inspired by and work with small scale coffee farmers, the Kings of the Eastern Highlands of Zimbabwe, to ensure they get the recognition, value and quality of life that they deserve for their contribution to the perfect cup of coffee.


Changamiri Coffee House brings the mastery of the smallholder farmers to the shop by serving a special selection of coffee from their farms. Each cup of coffee served by Changamiri Coffee House is brewed from a coffee bean sourced directly from smallholder farmers. It is their commitment to the farmers that helps move them up the value chain to be as close to the served cup of coffee as possible.

The origins of the word Changamiri are found in the 16th century when Chief Changa ruled the Munhumutapa Empire covering present day Zimbabwe and most of Southern Africa. Chief Changa was a prolific commodity trader highly respected by his Arab trade partners they gave him the title of an Emir meaning ruler. Chief Changa thus became Changa Emir of the Munhumutapa Empire to the Arabs. Changa Emir became the symbol of African majesty that his successors began to be referred to as “Changamiri”. The word Changamiri is now accepted in the Zimbabwean Shona language to mean a king or a ruler. A Changamiri is the pinnacle of Zimbabwean Shona royalty describing an ensconced yet present kingship steeped in wisdom. 


The smallholder coffee farmers dotted around the mountainous terrain of Zimbabwe’s misty eastern highlands have resiliently tended to their small pieces of family-owned land with such majesty and grace to continue producing some of the finest coffee bean anywhere in the world, making them true masters and Changamiris of their small patches of land.

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