Coffee & cake for just £4 when you join the club

Melbourne is an amazing specialty coffee shop located on Bird Street in Lichfield, as well as running a kiosk in Bolt Court.


Owned by Aussie barista extraordinaire Deborah Pease, Melbourne have focused on specialty coffee from day one. They only sell coffee that is direct trade and some have fantastic stories behind them about the farms they come from.  They all share Melbourne's view of sustainability and supporting those that create what we enjoy, whether it be coffee or cake.

Coffee shops are for everyone and Melbourne really focus on making sure their team has a passion and knowledge for their products, which, by the way, can’t be beaten. They love to share that with their customers, either through coffee classes run by Deb or on the fly during service, taking the chance to explain the origin of the coffee or what an aeropress is.

Members of The Indie Coffee Club will be able to grab coffee & cake for just £4.

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