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Sixty Degrees is an independent coffee shop based on the High Street in Bromsgrove. Their aim is not to be just a coffee shop, tea room, bakehouse or internet cafe, but to encompass all of those things and more. 

They source their coffee beans from Method Roastery, who provide them with their own unique coffee blend. Retail bags are available to buy in store as well as 2 further single origin beans. They also serve drip filter coffee using the V60 method.

Sixty Degrees also focus on making food orders from scratch and using fresh ingredients, baking their cakes in their own kitchen and sourcing ingredients from local suppliers, including free range eggs.

They don't buy in frozen cakes or buy ready made food, which is reflected in the quality of the food they serve.

Because they make their own food and bake their own cakes, they have the freedom to choose the ingredients that are used. This means that they can cater for a variety of different dietary requirements. They have gluten free options and often bake dairy free, vegan, organic and no/low sugar cakes.

One element that they see as a key component is salt. They only use pure natural Himalayan salt in the food or cakes they make. Natural Himalayan salt has multiple proven health benefits due to it being packed full of nutrients and minerals which are vital for good health. These include magnesium, potassium, calcium, iron and iodine. Unlike common table salt, Himalayan salt contains no chemicals or additives.

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