Any regular hot drink & cake for £4.50 when you join the club

Urban caffeinate, feed, quench the thirst and wow their customers through breakfast, brunch, lunch & beyond. Their coffee comes from Origin, based in Cornwall, who roast single estate filter coffee & their espresso blend called Resolute which many think is the best coffee out there! Origin directly trade with their farmers (literally shaking their hands!) and source the finest beans all over the world themselves.

Urban believe that their 'Urbanistas' are the finest staff they could wish for and they fully understand their ethos of happy staff = happy customers = success.

Established in 2009, Urban are an independent company with a focus on serving amazing coffee and delicious food. They currently have 2 cafe emporiums, all with a passion for the 3 C's in life-Coffee, Community and Customer Service. These can be found on Church Street and Warstone Lane.

Members of The Indie Coffee Club will be able to enjoy any regular hot drink and cake for just £4.50.

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